The event industry as a whole is a very wasteful industry - that means that sustainability is a top priority for us. We offer a completely carbon-neutral event space that is located on a certified organic farm that practices regenerative farming techniques.

our event sustainability initiatives:

  • We recommend caterers that try to use as much locally sourced food as possible, including meat and produce from our own farm, which minimizes transportation fuel emissions.
  • Our event space and our farm breakfast is completely carbon neutral through Zero Foodprint.
  • We offer a 1% model through Zero Foodprint to offset the carbon produced from your caterer.
  • We reduce waste by offering bulk toiletries in our guestrooms.
  • We use non-plastic, eco-friendly utensils.
  • There is energy efficient lighting + digital smart thermometers throughout our event spaces.
  • We utilize non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
  • We supply a waste management company for weddings to work with our caterers to ensure waste is being properly sorted by compost, recycling and landfill.
  • We recommend like-minded and sustainable event vendors.
  • We use on-site compost and recycling systems for daily operations.

Our farm, The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming, produces a variety of vegetables at garden and field-scale over six-acres, using practices such as no-till, minimal-till, cover cropping/crop rotation, and four-season production in high tunnels, involving a holistic approach to land stewardship and transparency. Glynwood’s Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) livestock are raised on the farm and grown on intensively managed pasture rotations across 151 acres, where animals can exercise their natural grazing instincts and where soil health is the focus.

Our Sustainable Partners

We seek the guidance of many colleagues and experts to assist in shaping our work, and to help us ensure we are having our desired impact on the regional food system.